Cash Bags 

We manufacture a variety of cash bags. Normally used in supermarkets for transferring either cash or paperwork, the bag can be made lockable. In choices of materials and colours with or without lining give us a call with your requirements we would be happy to give you a quotation. All our products are manufactured in house in the UK. Minimum order of 50 is required with this product. 

Molecatchers Bags 

Our Molecatchers Bags are hand made and this means that they can be repaired or designed as you require. They are made of canvas, lined in nylon and are reinforced in the seams. The flap can be folded back to kneel on keeping you dry. There is a large inside pocket for items such as trowels, two front pouches and rings to slip probes into. They will hold 30+ half barrel TRAPS as well as everything else you need to carry. They add that professional look to you in front of the client. 
They come in olive green canvas, light green canvas and black canvas. 

Tree Surgeons Utility Bag 

This tree surgeon utility bag is made out of heavy nylon. All colours and sizes available. Can be used for various types of tree surgeon work. 


Canvas Tarpaulins 

Our 15oz Canvas tarpaulins are hemmed and eyeleted. General purpose sheets can be made to your requirements. Tarpaulins are great versatile sheet that can be used to cover anything. We carry no pre made sheets they are made by us in house and to your order. 
INFORMATION: 15oz Canvas Tarpaulins are fully waterproofed at time of dispatch however they will benefit from being re-treated once per year with a waterproofing solution such as Fabseal. Important Note: 15 oz Traditional Canvas whilst 100% water resistant is manufactured in 1m roll widths and joined together by stitching. This stitch joining means that water seepage through the joins is a possibility. If 100% watertight joins are essential for your application then PVC should be considered as these joins are Vulcanized thus providing a guaranteed 100% water tight seam. 
Colours: Blue, Black, Green and Olive. 

Heavy Nylon Tarpaulins 

Our PVC Polyester Heavy Nylon sheets are made from 610gsm cloth. Welded seams and sizes to your requirements, we carry no pre made sheets. Sheets are hemmed and eyeleted. This particular tarpaulins offers you a great waterproof tarpaulin. We also carry a heavier grade PVC should you need something even stronger. 
Colours: Blue, Black, Green, White or Yellow 

Polyethylene Tarpaulins 

Our multi-purpose polyethylene tarpaulins are our Lightweight Range and are suitable for light domestic use only. Made from polyetheylene coated fabric fully water, rot and tear proof. They are light and easy to handle. 
Multi-purpose Polytarp Tarpaulins are 80gsm. Normally used for all domestic type of coverings ie: Garden swings, Barbecues and covering patio furniture. 
Colours: Blue or Green. 


Hooked body type load bed tonneau covers are the simplest way to cover your transported load as they simply hook on to the body side hooks on your pick up truck. The cover is a low cost weatherproof tonneau that will keep goods from unwanted attention. The Hooked type tonneau can be simply rolled up when not in use. Only suitable for pick-up trucks with external rope hooks as shown. It offers a great cheaper alternative to the hard tonneau covers. 
We also offer a variety of different fitted car covers as seen in the photos. 


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